KPP: ‘My First Horse’ contest winner announced

Our friends at Kentucky Performance Products sent out a call for its Facebook fans to post pictures and stories of their first horses. Here’s the winning entry from Dianne Boothe:

This is my first horse, Max, and my first time showing jumpers with him. He was also my once in a lifetime horse. Have had others since him, but none will match him in any way shape or form. He was in his 20s when I did this division, which we were champion in. At the age of 25, we did a “four bar” class (4 jumps in a row, a stride apart, each jump progressively higher). We won the class at the height of 4’6″! He loved to jump! The horse was like no other, then and now. I lost him at almost 31 to colic. If I could get another horse half as good as he was, in talent and personality, I’d be set. Miss this horse so much. 🙁 Lost him almost 23 years ago, and I still cry over him.

Thanks for sharing, Dianne, and enjoy your prize, a box of KPP goodies!

Go Kentucky Performance Products, and Go Riding!




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