Weekend Wrapup from Kentucky Performance Products

Hope you’re enjoying another beautiful weekend here in Horse Nation! I hope it’s as exciting or relaxing as you wish it to be.

As usual, I started out my own weekend with an ambitious to-do list:

-Mowing the jungle that is our front yard
-Shrinking mountain of laundry
-Cleaning the house
-Grocery shopping
-Basically organizing my life

Here’s what I did instead:

-Went cross-country schooling
-Had champagne brunch with barn buddies
-Took a nap
-Went back to the barn for a potluck cookout

What can I say? Hanging out with horses and horse people is way more fun than playing Suzie Homemaker.

During the weekend, I can sometimes get away with doing what I please. But during the week? Not so much.

I’m the kind of of person who gets a sick thrill out of cramming way too much into a 24-hour workday, which results in occasionally feeling burnt out. I bet some of you out there reading this can relate.

Kentucky Performance Products sponsored rider Megan Lynn addresses this in her latest KPP Blog entry, “Staying Motivated.” The post begins, “How many times have you come home from a long hard day of work and feel like you don’t have the energy to ride? Or you have multiple horses to ride in one day?”

She goes on to give some good suggestions on how to stay motivated, even when you feel like you’ve bitten off more than you can chew.

Megan Lynn of Team Have At It

Go KPP, and Go Riding!

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