The Secret Life of McKenna: Farewell Brickland!

As junior blogger McKenna Oxenden’s stint as a working student at Brickland Eventing draws to a close, she takes a moment to thank everyone who made it a summer she’ll never forget.

From McKenna:

My time at Brickland has come to a close.

It’s been a crazy summer, full of learning, riding, and spontaneous dance parties, and it’s for sure been one that I will never forget.

While I know I have a Fair Hill recap due, I believe a thank you to everyone is more important, so stay tuned for the down low on FH next week.

Where to start….?!

My roommates! Thanks to Katie Shiplett for introducing me to the wobble and for being my offical cooking buddy. Not were you awesome to be around, but you were great to have in the barn. You dealt with my questions and most importantly taught me how to rake an aisle 🙂

To Lucy Drinkwater who sold me the wonder mare, Gigi. And who dealt with me at the beginning of my Brickland adventure. Together we solved lots of problems, took the brick out of Brickland, and had some quality pool time! Not to mention you definitely made us have some good laughs!

Alex Orton for being my occasional personal chef, with the signature dish being baked chicken with sweet potato fries. You also had some good laughs in there… especially when you faced your “fear” with the diving board and wore your life vest…. not to mention the wobble learning party! 😉

A big thanks is owed to Bethany Hume. Doing the barn six days a week is no easy task and I have no idea what we would do without you!! You’re great to be around, and I looked forward to seeing you every day… especially since the toads might come and get me!

A big shout out to Michelle Adamson, who owns a horse of Emily’s, for not only being insanely sweet, but for being my own personal PR rep and sending my pictures off to sponsors.

And I also can’t forget to mention Emily and Jeff’s son, Nicholas. He definitely provided lots of comic relief at points and was quite the good paint helper!

Of course Jeff deserves his own thank you! He did look at Gigi a few times for me and provided some good laughs, too… I must stay hydrated so the tears won’t dehydrate!

And last, but certainly not least is Emily herself. She gave me an awesome opportunity by letting me work this summer. It taught me A TON–not to mention the amazing lessons I got. It’s seriously a summer to never forget and I owe you everything for taking the risk and hiring me.

This summer has been awesome. Truly an unforgettable experience, and something that will be with me for the rest of my life. I’ve made so many good memories and lifelong friends. I can’t wait to see what the future holds so until then, kick on!

Don’t forget we have the last derby cross this weekend, along with the closing of the raffle, so check it out and show your face!!! I will be returning on Sunday so now you have more incentive to come.

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