Adoptable Horse of the Week: ‘Jet’

Today we’ve got yet another adoptable cutie from our August featured rescue, Pipsqeak Paddocks. A huge thanks, as always, to for making this fantastic series possible!


Here’s Jet!

Jet is a four year old, black gelding.  He is at the upper end of the scale here, standing at just under 10 hands high.  Last summer, Jet and three others were sent down to us from the SPCA in the Interior.  All four had been left tied to stakes in the bush, with little food and water.  They were very scared of humans, having suffered various abuses.  Jet was the worst off physically, a living skeleton who walked down on his fetlocks.  It was months before he was fit enough even to be gelded, but he has now made an amazing recovery.  Jet has retained his sense of humour through it all and is a very curious and interactive boy.  He does still have some handling issues and so needs a consistent and compassionate home to help him conquer the last of his fears.

Jet before:

Jet now:

Jet is located at our August featured rescue, Pipsqueak Paddocks Horse Haven Society in Chilliwack, BC, Canada.

More photos and information can be found on their website:

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