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This week: pony tattoo parlors, a psychic donkey, equine pajamas, man vs. horse marathon, horses and bars, and yet another horse-fell-into-a-swimming-pool story.

NO TATTOO FOR YOU: A German man lost the latest round in a two-year court battle to obtain the rights to tattoo the Rolling Stones’ famous tongue-and-lips logo on his pony’s shoulder. The man, who reportedly wishes to open an animal tattoo parlor, claimed “he wanted to beautify the animal.” The court ruled that tattooing the pony would cause it unnecessary pain, which tattooing animals for fashion purposes violated animal cruelty laws. [Horse Talk NZ]

LARRY THE PSYCHIC DONKEY: A “clairvoyant” donkey in London has made an ass of himself, as more than half of his recent predictions concerning the results of the Olympic games turned out to be incorrect. [The Telegraph]

Here’s one he really messed up:

WANTED – GIANT EQUINE PAJAMAS: A British animal charity is seeking funds to commission a blanket-maker to create a pair of custom pajamas for a horse suffering from sweet itch, an allergy to midge bites. Size prohibits the horse from wearing normal horse clothes. Says the article, “She measures 7ft high from the ground to the top of her head.” [BBC]

MAN VS. HORSE MARATHON: A “Man vs. Horse Marathon” is among the events planned for the inaugural World Alternative Games, set to be held August 17 – September 2 in Wales. The marathon itself has been an annual event since 1980; in its 32-year history, runners have outpaced the horses on three occasions. Other World Alternative Games events include Chariot Racing, Bog Snorkeling, Wife Carrying, Gravy Wrestling, Office Chair Slalom, Worm Charming and a Bathtubbing Championship. [Huffington Post]

A HORSE WALKS UP TO A BAR: The Kalispell, Montana, Police Department received a complaint that a horse was tied up outside a bar. The owner eventually turned up with a horse trailer. [Daily Inter Lake]

TOKEN “HORSE FALLS IN SWIMMING POOL” STORY: A horse in Victoria, Australia, had to be rescued by crane after it fell into a backyard swimming pool. According to the local fire department’s report, “The owner got up to make a cup of coffee and looked out the kitchen window and saw her horse swimming around in the swimming pool.” [ABC]

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