Monday Morning Feed from SmartPak

Well, kids, it’s been an exciting two weeks, but the Olympic Games are officially over. Bummed? Here are some tips for nursing your Olympic hangover.

Make sure you read every last scrap of SmartPak’s Olympic coverage. Nobody had more fun at Greenwich Park than SmartPak’s Sarah and Colby, and lucky for us, they documented their adventures online. From USEF Network broadcasts to fun “View from the Stands” posts to their enthusiastic spreading of the foam finger gospel, we’re glad SmartPak brought Horse Nation along!

Get your British on. From the distinctly English opening ceremonies to the emotional victories of the Great Britain equestrian team, there’s a lot to love about this year’s Olympic host country. Why not get in on the action? I know I’m not the only one madly in love with this Lucinda Green Belton Peacoat

Also, the Lucinda Green Barbury Down Gilet!

Or wave (and wear) your own flag! This Unisex Kingsland Polo made for the USA has a USA flag patch on the front and back and a Kingsland crest on the left chest.

And, most importantly, nurse your dreams. One of the great things about the Games is its ability to leave us all inspired to achieve our own goals and strive to be the very best we can be. Whether your goal is Rio 2016 or conquering a training three-day event, scoring a 70% on your First Level freestyle or qualifying for AQHA Congress, SmartPak has the training tools and equipment you need to get you where you want to go.

Go Riding.


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