Friday Flicks: The Movie Olympics, part 2

HN film critic Amanda Ronan pits equine movie characters against one another in an epic battle for gold.

If you missed part 1, read it here.

From Amanda:

First up on the Movie Olympics agenda this week, Show Jumping.

Name:  Caroline ‘Doodlebug’ Bichon and Possum of Something to Talk About

Home Country:  USA

Why She’s On The List:  Not to be outdone by Reed Kessler, ‘Doodlebug’ is the ONLY 10 and under competitor to ever compete at the Movie Olympics.  Her horse Possum has a long record of victories with Caroline’s mother, Grace King Bichon.

Why She Could Win:  Possum has lived and trained at the infamous King Hunter Jumper Farm for years.  Caroline is young, eager, full of spunk, and the camera loves her.

Why She Could Lose:  Inexperience will certainly pose challenges for this pair, but Caroline’s main nemesis will be family drama drama.  Her parents have recently filed for divorce, her mother may or may not be going through a nervous breakdown, and her grandfather is living in the driveway of the family estate having been exiled there by her very angry grandmother.

Name:  Helen Bolton and Aspercel of The Horse in the Gray Flannel Suit

Home Country:  USA

Why She’s On The List:  Another fresh face to show jumping, Helen and Aspercel blazed through the prestigious Washington D.C. show scene.  Funding is limitless for this pair, seeing as how they are sponsored by stomach pill making Big Pharma.

Why She Could Win:  Riding instructor, Suzie Clemens, believes in the pair and Helen’s dad simply can’t bear to lose…or he’ll potentially lose his big advertising job too!

Why She Could Lose:  Helen’s fears of competing at shows could come back to haunt her.  She might not be able to hold up to the pressure of competing at the international level with her dad breathing down her neck.

Name:  Amy Fleming and Storm of Heartland

Home Country:  Canada

Why She’s On The List:  Storm was acquired by Amy’s father, Tim Fleming, specifically for the purpose of getting Amy back on the circuit.  Their first time out together, they won the prestigious Hudson Spring Challenge.

Why She Could Win:  Amy Fleming does not belong on a horse…said absolutely no one…ever.  This girl was meant to ride and with her hunky on and off again boyfriend, Ty, and the whole Heartland clan backing her up she is practically unstoppable.

Why She Could Lose:  Pressures of training client horses, competing Storm, and keeping up with high school are starting to wear Amy down.  Something’s gotta give and it might just be her show jumping career.


On to the Modern Pentathlon event where competitors run, swim, fence, shoot pistols, and oh yeah…do a little show jumping.

Name:  Princess Merida of Clan DunBroch and Angus of Brave

Home Country:  Scotland

Why She’s On The List:  More at home in the rugged Highlands than in the royal palace, Princess Merida excels at horseback riding, archery, and sword fighting.  Running, mountain climbing and swimming are second nature to her.

Why She Could Win:  Merida has already bucked tradition and beat out all the toughest boys in her own country, now she’s ready to take on the world.  Angus trusts her and is experienced at jumping and galloping cross country.

Why She Could Lose:  Angus is a very large draft horse and could have trouble with tight turns and combination jumps.  Merida predates the invention of the pistol by about 900 years.  Her unfamiliarity with the weapon could prove difficult in the shooting phase.  Family troubles could also weigh Merida down.  She recently ran into a bit of trouble involving a witch who turned her mother into a bear.

Name:  Robin of Locksley and Unnamed Grey Horse of Prince of Thieves

Home Country:  Great Britain

Why He’s On The List:  Fresh from the Crusades, Robin is ready for a fight.  He can ride, he can run, he can swim, and he can wield a sword though he prefers the bow.

Why He Could Win:  Robin is used to performing under pressure.  His horse, Unnamed Grey, has a royal sponsorship from Maid Marian of Dubois.

Why Her Could Lose:  He does have a bounty on his head and could be arrested at any moment.  Again, this competitor is not prepared for the shooting event, seeing as how he predates guns by about 700 years.

Name:  Maximus of Tangled

Home Country:  Germany

Why He’s On The List:  Maximus is a bit of a wild card, as he is the only horse entered in the competition without a human counterpart.  Don’t count him out, though, because this horse has served as a loyal servant of the prestigious Captain of the Guards his entire life.

Why He Could Win:  Maximus takes his work seriously and is adept at running, swordfighting, tracking and jumping tall buildings in a single bound.

Why He Could Lose:  No opposable thumbs.

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