Olympic Happy Hour: August 4

Throughout the Olympics, Horse Nation will be capping off each day with a pint-sized synopsis of the most recent Olympic equestrian sporting festivities. Here’s your Happy Hour report for Saturday, August 4.

Take it away, Liz Fletcher:

Happy Saturday, Horse Nation. Can you believe that one week ago, we were just starting the dressage for Eventing? It feels like that was months ago!

This morning concluded the first qualifier, round one for individuals, for the show jumping.  As Kate posted on Eventing Nation this morning, here is a link that makes the scoring mud a little clearer.

Reed Kessler and Coriana had 1 time fault this morning, which George Morris called “super.” Again, the girl is 18 and this is her first Olympic games. McLain Ward and Rich Fellers also had great rounds this morning, two double clears, but Beezie Madden had some problems with her mare. They picked up two stops at the second part of the double at 9A. She explains what happened in this story from Chronicle of the Horse.

Even though Beezie is now tied for 72nd place, because she is part of a team, she will be brought through for the team competitions. While her mishap will affect her ability to receive an individual medal, it does not affect the team medal. However, if Via Volo has a stop again tomorrow, that will affect team standings.

Obviously, because today was the first qualifier there is not a tremendous amount of predicting going on. Those who went double clear today will not necessarily go double clear tomorrow, or the day after. After tomorrow, the first team event, things will shake up a little more. Who will win the individual medal is totally up in the air due to the large number (32) of double clears today. But there are still many rounds to come up that will catch some horses and riders, helping to narrow the field. But this is horses. You never know until the competition is over.

For those in American who missed this morning’s live coverage, you can watch it at 3:30 this afternoon on TV. Click here to find which local channel will be airing the show jumping.

Click here  to see the individual scores from this morning.

Tomorrow begins the team competition, but also serves as the second individual qualifying round. Enjoy your weekend, Horse Nation! Until tomorrow!

Nice try, photo editor bunnies, but that’s not Olympic show jumping.

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