Friday Morning Feed from Ovation

Good morning Horse Nation! Was anyone else up past their bedtime last night cheering on Team USA?

Confession: I love watching the women’s gymnastics. (Hurrah, Gabby!) Those girls are just freaks of nature, and they’re so intense! Plus, there’s always some kind of crazy drama-drama going on.

Another thing I love: their crazy, shiny, glitzy outfits. Even their hair is shellacked with glitter spray!

It’s a far cry from equestrian sport, where conformity is the name of the game.

Luckily, there are a few aspects of our “team uniform” where we can let our personalities shine–like belts. Tucked neatly beneath your coat, it’s like a secret: Just knowing I’m wearing a great belt makes me feel a little more awesome.

Speaking of which, have you see Ovation‘s line of belts? Whatever your style, there’s a belt to match:


Big and bold


Tastefully bling-tastic






Check out Ovation’s full line of belts here.

Go Ovation, and go riding!




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