Your Turn: In search of the perfect dressage mule

Bernadette Kilcer’s friend really, really, really wants to go trotting proudly down the center line… on a mule. Bernadette tells her story.

From Bernadette:

No, you didn’t read the title incorrectly.  It wasn’t a typo, yes, dressage mule.  One of my closest friends (and total geek like myself) lost her childhood mule this past spring.  Babe was many, many things but “adored” would probably top the list.  After a period of grieving she is now out looking for her next ride, a dressage mule.  I know, I was scratching my head too!  So I took to the internet machine and did a quick search on “dressage mule” and what do you know, TONS of hits came up of mules doing dressage, especially out west.

Huh, who knew?!  I watched a few of these videos.  Once you got past the big floppy ears they actually were pretty good.  While I am fairly confident you aren’t going to see a mule at the Olympics, they are awfully cute.

She went all the way to the ends of the hinterlands last weekend to go look at another mule.  I commend her for being so brave in going alone.  Not because she was going into Deliverance territory, but rather for dealing with all of the emotional baggage that comes with looking for a new partner.  She came back from this particular trip with a sparkle in her eye and a bounce in her step.  I think she may have found her next partner (keeping in mind that he passes his vet).

She asked me if I had anything against him?  I said no he’s super cute.  Besides who am I to judge?  People think I’m crazy for riding an OTTB.  You love who you love.

Now to plan a Pas de Deux to Drop Kick Murphys or The Bad Pipe with a mule and an OTTB.  This ought to be interesting.

Editor’s note: A day after submitting this story, Bernadette sent me this update: “She’s bringing mule home as of the 23rd (dog willing and he passes his PPE!)”

Go ride a mule.

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