Fit to Ride: Biz’s super awesome Olympic workout

One of the reasons why HN hardbody Biz Stamm is my personal fitness hero is her ability to seamlessly incorporate television, couches and beer into a workout.

From Biz:

Hey there, Horse Nation.  I realize that due to the Olympic games most people will be watching other super fit people perform at their best and will have little time to work out themselves.  Well do I have something for you!  A workout that can be done from the comfort of your living room that will not only allow you to watch the 2012 games while exercising, but enhance your viewing experience.

Beginner Moves

Reverse sit-ups:  From the comfort of your couch, slowly raise your knees towards your chest.  Lower your legs back down to starting position.  Repeat.

Calf raises:  Stand with your feet directly below your hips.  Slowly lift your heels, and then lower.  Repeat.

Advanced Moves

Please consult your local couch potato specialist before attempting these exercises at home.

Bicep curl:  This is surely an essential move if you ever want to party like Mark Todd and those crazy Kiwis.  This exercise requires the use of an adult beverage.  Hold beverage in your hand and by flexing your biceps, raise to your mouth.  Sip, lower, and repeat.

Forearm lift:  For all those times you need swiftly change channels to switch between simultaneously occurring events.  With remote in hand and palm facing towards the floor, lift your arm and point remote towards your television set.  Lower, and repeat.

That’s all for now.  Come find me next week for some more health and fitness fun!  Go riding!

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