‘The morbid appeal of equestrian cross country’

Greg Wyshynski’s story, “Watching London Olympic equestrian cross country for the crashes,” investigates an aspect of the sport that the rest of us are way too polite to mention.

His article begins with this brazenly unapologetic lead:

Equestrian cross country can best be described as the Olympics’ profuse apology dressage.

The rest of the story is predicated on Wyshynski’s delightfully misinformed observations as he wanders around the Greenwich cross country course, keep his eyes peeled for “uh oh” moments and grilling spectators on the appeal of what he accurately terms a “risk sport.”

Would anyone admit they were hanging at this obstacle for the crashes?
‘I want to see some people fall off,’ said Katie Cousins, a Brit, with a laugh. ‘As long as the horse and rider are fine.’
‘You know, if the Germans accidentally have a few tumbles. Because they’re in the lead,’ she continued.

Read the full story here.

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