Olympic Equestrian Cliffnotes: A handy reference guide

From broadcast scheduling to media coverage to competitor profiles, John’s gathered all the info you need into one convenient location.

From John:

To help your Olympic experience go as smoothly as possible, we’ve compiled a guide to watching the Olympics. A ‘do this, not that’ sort of thing. Trust us, we’re professionals.

Online Streaming

If you’re at work, and your employer hates America enough to not have a TV on, here’s where you go to keep up with the sport:

NBC Online Stream
NBC Online Stream Schedule
NBC Equestrian Homepage

Network TV Schedule

If you decide that you hate your employer enough to just go ahead and call in sick and eat Cheetos while simultaneously hating Bob Costas, here’s the TV schedule for the Olympics:

For the U.S.

NBC Olympic Schedule

For Canada

CTV’s Olympic Schedule

For England

British Broadcast Schedule

Other Links

Full International Broadcast List by Country
USEF Network coverage with SmartPak
Current London Time

More Coverage

Eventing Nation
Horse & Hound
SmartPak blog
USEF Network


NBC iPhone and iPad app
NBC Android app
BBC iPhone and iPad app (only in the UK)

Introductions to All Equine Competitors

For the full entry list, regardless of country, visit the FEI website [PDF].

Can’t figure out if Mr. Medicott is the horse or rider? Read up on the U.S. eventing team here.  Also, check out this comprehensive look at eventing at the Olympics from the FEI.

Want to know which horse will run fastest and jump the highest? Get knowledgeable about the U.S. showjumping team here.
Also, read our Show Jumping 101, and this comprehensive Olympic show jumping preview from the FEI.

You know who Rafalca is, now get to know the rest of the talented U.S. Dressage team here.  Read Dressage 101, and the FEI’s dressage preview.


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