The Secret Life of McKenna & Dorito: On radio & riding

Newly 16-year-old HN junior blogger McKenna Oxenden updates us on her life as a part-time radio star and full-time working student.

From McKenna:

Hey, hey Horse Nation!!

Did you listen to “Horses in the Morning” on Monday? No??! Well I was on it. That’s right kids. I entered the cool cat club and was a guest on the show!!! I would tell you what we talked about but, I think you should just find out for yourself… GO LISTEN! But really, I had tons of fun and I can’t wait to be back on, hopefully SOON!

Things are in full swing at the farm, as this week marks our camp! Which means lots and lots of lessons!!

What to expect in an Emily Beshear lesson:

One thing is for sure, she will be wearing a hat. Usually a large pink floppy hat and recently she has been wearing some cool new shades!

You mean you wanted to hear about Emily’s teaching style and not her fashion style? Oh, my bad.

Anyway! Emily lessons are just filled with pure awesomeness. You can’t really describe them, except that they’re awesome. There’s usually some yelling, some praise, laughter, strange looks, and for sure some interesting riding! Emily always has something new to offer and great tools to help you out. Not to mention she is always making sure you too are on the same page as she is constantly asking, “Does that make sense?”

Hook, line and sinker Emily is just awesome. So go take a lesson!!!

Don’t forget our derby cross is this weekend and we are stil accepting pre-entries along with entries on the day of.

Ta-ta for now!

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