Say Carrot: 10 tips for picture-perfect pony portraits

How does SmartPak make all its equine models look like they just stepped out of a horse calendar? The Pak’s Kristi Morrison-Clear shares her photography secrets.

From the SmartPak Blog:

You’ve already got a bracelet with your horse’s name, a bumper sticker telling the world how much you love your pony, and heart-shaped doodles all over your notebook with your horse’s name inside. There’s just one thing missing: a portrait of your favorite four-hoofed friend. But before you decide to drop a hefty sum on a professional photographer, you might want to consider taking the photos yourself. Check out these tips from our staff photographer, Kristi, to help improve your images so you can get that picture-perfect portrait of your pony that you’ve been dreaming of—without having to break the bank.

1. The Background: Keep it Simple
There’s nothing more distracting than a busy, completely in-focus background. Try pulling your subject away from the barn/wall/tree/etc. Keeping them off the background by a minimum of 15-20 feet should help minimize distractions.

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