Olympic Links: The latest news from London

Click-click-click your way to becoming a more informed Olympic equestrian spectator with these dressage, show jumping and eventing links from Liz Fletcher.

From Liz:

This round up should keep you busy at work for most of the morning and also serve to educate you about what’s going on in Olympics land for Dressage and Show Jumping. Enjoy!

In Dressage:

There’s been some discontent when it comes to how the teams have been assembled. Australian Hayley Breresford lodged a complaint with the selection committee, but they ruled against her. Read more on the article here.

Totilas is out of the Olympics, but not because he is injured, but because his new rider Matthias Rath is ill with Mononucleosis. I can attest, mono just wipes you out and can keep you incapacitated for months at a time. I hope Matthias Rath recovers in good form.

Here is an excellent dressage preview with some medaling predictions thrown in for good measure.

Ever wonder what an 18-hand dressage horse eats and how he trains? Heather Blitz gives TheHorse.com the inside scoop.

Debbie McDonald, the trainer for Adrienne Lyle and Wizard, shares some of the shenanigans that occur at the American team camp. Sounds like that have a great camaraderie and are enjoying their experience!

In Show Jumping:

Then there was the news that Dennis Lynch was no longer competing for Ireland for show jumping.

Which lead to Cian O’Connor to be added to the team.

Which led to this opinion piece. I think the writer makes an excellent point about how we deal with probations and is worth a read.

Eric Lamaze sticks with Derly Chin de Muse for the Olympics despite two refusals in recent events.

Ludger Beerbaum has ruled himself out of the Olympics because he has decided the horse is not fit enough to compete in London. Cheers to Ludger for doing what is in his horse’s best interest.

One of the Saudi show jumpers, Presley Boy, is in the hospital with colic and laminiti.

He has now been replaced by a former Kiwi horse and Saudi rider.

Reed Kessler talks about training right before Chantilly at equisearch.com

…And then goes on to kick butt. With all the no-stirrups work she has been doing and the success that she’s simultaneously stacked up, the argument is totally there for pulling the stirrups off my saddle, but there’s one word that comes to mind and it is “OUCH.”

 In Eventing:

As was mentioned on EN, Shane Rose is out of the Olympics. I’m so sorry that his Olympics bid has come to an end. Taking his place will be Megan Jones and Allofasudden (whose name seems to be perfectly apt in this situation. Allofasuddden they were on the Olympic team!)

“I think I’ve heard their names before…” you might be saying to yourself. That’s correct! Back in May, ESJ did a lovely profile on an event in Australia and said himself that he thought Megan Jones and Allofasudden would be on the plane. They cut it close, but they’re here now!

The Vancouver Sun has profiled Hawley and Ginny. It’s a really nice interview here.

And there’s your Olympic Round up for the week of June 16. I’ll be bringing you much more as the next two weeks progress. Opening ceremonies and eventing jog are only a few days away, which will be covered extensively by EN I’m sure, and I’ll keep you updated on the dressage and show jumping. Go Olympics!

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