EN Today: Mark Todd – ‘I’m an athlete!’

According to New Zealand event rider Mark Todd, several “open mouth, insert foot” moments have occurred in the Olympic Village at his expense.

56-year old Olympic veteran Mark Todd seems to be having a few troubles in London’s Olympic Village.  From his facebook page:

This is getting too much. First man in food hall says “what are you an official for?” I say “I’m an athlete” to which he replies “oh you must be in shooting.” “No, 100m” I fire back!

Then today I go to get on the bus to come back to the village from the park and the woman stops me and says ” this is only for athletes!” I patiently explain and show my accreditation. Then back in the village I decide to go for the free haircut and the young guy at reception says the same thing. Too much! I want a badge that says in huge letters IM AN ATHLETE!! Too funny!

Glad he is taking it all in good humor.  Toddy represents New Zealand for the seventh time, aboard NZB Campino.  Go eventing, and go Mark Todd!  (Hat tip to Racetrack Reject on the Chronicle Forums.)

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