Pak Across the Pond: T-minus 3 days

SmartPak is on its way to London, and since HN won’t fit in its suitcase, Sarah Paull gives us the 411 on how to keep up to speed on all of SmartPak’s Olympic coverage from afar.

From the SmartPak Blog:

SmartPak is heading to London! We’ll be covering the games like only we can (that would be from a slightly weird, but seriously fun, rider’s perspective). From Friday, July 27th, through Friday, August 10th, we’ll be bringing you non-stop coverage, including blogs, photos, videos, tweets, Facebook updates and even a nightly broadcast on the USEF Network!

So who’s this “we” anyway? I’m so glad you asked! (I know I actually asked, but let’s not get technical here). The team heading over will be:
• Me, Sarah Paull, aka “SP,” “Brand Manager,” “Stuff Riders Say girl” and “that loud one over there.”
• Colby Balazs, aka “The Colbster,” “VP, Marketing,” and “no, it’s pronounced Baal-Az.”

Read the rest of this story on the SmartPak Blog.

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