Oh $h!t: Your most humiliating moments, captured on film

Here at Horse Nation, we are an equal opportunity appreciator of both thrills and spills. Today’s “Oh $h!t” moment is brought to you by reader Debby Keys.

Yeah, that’s probably not going to end well.

Debby writes, “I probably shouldn’t do this but, these are two of my daughter’s epic tanks.  The first is a hunter round at a local show where the mare had other ideas about what she wanted to be doing and the second is XC schooling at Loch Moy.  I was reminded of her injury record this past week, since she is currently out of commission with a concussion from what was supposed to be a ‘relaxing hack across the field’ on a training project. ‘Another One Bites the Dust’ is probably appropriate.”

Thank you so much, Debby and Debby’s daughter (you’ll bounce back from that concussion in no time, girl!), for sharing. As per our Horse Nation “Oh $h!t” tradition, this one goes out to you.

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