Monday Morning Feed from SmartPak

Four days, five hours, 10 minutes and 53 seconds until the Olympic Games! Are you freaking out!! We’re freaking out!!!

I KNOW I’m not alone in admitting my intentions to be a full-time sports geek for, oh, say, 16 days or so. My husband pretty much takes the entire month of March off for NCAA basketball, so I don’t think two measly weeks is too much to ask.

I’ve got my foam finger ready (pictured above), which I intend to remove only during the brief intervals when I need to use my phone to order a pizza. Have you got yours? If not, there’s still time to order yours from SmartPak here. Or, simply add one finger to your cart and use code OLYMPICS12 at checkout to get your first finger FREE with any order. And you know what goes really well with a foam finger: that’s right, an “On Course to London 2012” Trucker Hat.

Foam finger, trucker hat, pajamas, Olympic live stream, pizza delivery on speed dial…. I’m all set.

ALSO: We have it on good authority that SmartPak’s Sarah Paull, otherwise known as the “Stuff Riders Say” girl, is headed to London to cover the games. Which is to say, it’s about to get crazy up in here. We’ll keep you posted on her latest Olympic reports, including video, blogs, photos and insider access to the riders and their support teams.

Go SmartPak, Go [insert your favorite Olympic team here], and Go Riding!

SmartPak Box Re-use Idea #871: Bunny cave. (See top photo.)

Smart Tip: Did you know that SmartPaks are made with 100% recycled PET plastic, so the material is already on its second life by the time it hits your doorstep? As PET plastic is able to recycled in virtually every community in the U.S., you can continue the process by setting up a SmartPak container recycling bin at your barn. Learn more about SmartPak’s commitment to the environment here.

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