Olympic Uniforms: The Best, Worst & Just Plain Weird

To put the U.S. uniforms in context, Kate Samuels went out and got the scoop on Olympic uniforms from around the world.

From Kate:

Participating in the uproar over the ridiculous looking US Uniforms? Boyd and Will make them look good, but let’s face it folks, they aren’t the most flattering airplane hostess outfits possible. To make you all feel better, and give a little giggle, I’ve compiled a group of Best, Worst, and Totally Weird uniforms from around the world for London 2012.



Chinese Uniforms


China definitely falls under the “Worst” category this year. All I have to say is, Ronald McDonald, anyone??






South Korea


I give South Korea two thumbs up for 2012! I like the cut of the blazers (giving the athletes some flattering shapes!) and the skinny leg white pants are nice too. Slightly reminiscent of sailors….but I’ll take it.




In case you didn't notice, this is Russia


Russia wins the “Totally Weird” award this year. The giant banner across their chest might be full of national pride, but the crazy zig-zag swirly lines are giving me a headache.







I might be controversial with this one, but I’m giving Jamaica the nod for “Best” category. I love the colors and their fun approach to the design. No boring business suits here!







Italy, I’m frankly disappointed in you. You’re supposed to be the fashionistas of the world! These drab outfits get labelled “Totally Weird” because of the total lack of style. I give them a point for using actual athletic wear, but that’s about it.






These outfits hurt the eyes so much, even the actual athletes won’t model them.









For once, the Germans are taking a festive approach to things with this year’s Olympic uniforms. I give them a thumbs up, although I worry that they are dressed for the winter Olympics instead…


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