The Secret Life of McKenna & Dorito: Play hard, work harder

Junior blogger turned working student turned internationally renowned photographer McKenna Oxenden catches us up on her latest adventures at Brickland Eventing.

From McKenna:

Reporting to you live from my room in the apartment at Brickland Farm.

It’s 9:33, and I’m forcing myself to stay awake a bit longer so I don’t completely feel like a granny, because honestly speaking, I usually pass out as soon as I get a chance. I’m using this time to catch up on my Monday episodes of “Horses in the Morning” when Wylie is on and to write my post! Maybe one day I’ll be cool enough to be on the show… 😉

Not much has happened since my last post. It’s been a pretty calm week as last week most of the barn was gone for the Cosequin Stuart CIC and Horse Trials.

Team Brickland is getting lots of last minute details done before our “Adult” eventing camp commences next week and our first ever Derby Cross on Saturday. Have you sent your entry in yet?

Also, have you checked out our new site yet? Or seen my awesome bio featured under “Our Team”? No? Well click here for gosh sakes!

Life at Brickland is going. Lots of horses to be worked, lots of stuff to do, and very long, HOT days!!! It’s pretty cool to see everything that gets done to Quincy to keep him in tip-top shape! We are all getting excited for the derby cross next weekend, and for everything beyond! We are also all really pumped for the new addition of a POOL!!! We have been enjoying it and tanning it up when we can! I am becoming quite the tan thing.

In other exciting news, I found out a few of my pictures I took of Emily at Rolex have been featured in a few cool things. I got one picture in a local MD magazine, “The Equiery.” And I also got a picture used in a Kerrits campaign ad! I recently found out, which I am bouncing off the walls about, that the company James Alexander, who made Emily’s fabulous custom show jump coat in her colors, wants a few pictures of mine to make banners and posters and such to hang in their store, IN ENGLAND! With a photo credit to me visible. Pumped is an understatement!!!!!

Instead of aimlessly rambling, I think I’ll sign off now. Let me know what y’all would like to hear me write about in the comment sections. After all, I am here to please!!

Good luck to everyone at Young Riders this week, especially to Jamie and Nicole Doolittle who are competing in the 2* and 1* respectively for Area III. They are two of the NICEST girls, and are obviously sisters, so I’m hoping for sister double gold!

Next time I write I will offically be 16!!!!! My birthday is on Tuesday in case you were wondering… You know what that means? Well, besides that I get to stuff my face with birthday cake. Six months and six days until I can get my LISCENSE!!!!!!! So on Tuesday. Think to yourself, happy birthday McKenna!

I digress.

Go Eventing, Go Brickland, and Go Doolittles!

Me, Katie Shiplett, and Alex Orton hanging out by the pool with our cool shades!

Big D getting his game face on for a flat ride in the 100 degree heat!

Me and Jocee, Katie's awesome dog!


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