EN Today: Will Coleman! Shirtless!

Seriously, anything featuring that boy missing an article of clothing gets an automatic re-post here at Horse Nation. If anyone can make a farmer’s tan look sexy…

From John:

The hardest part of the Olympics–team processing at the Olympic Village–is now completed for the eventers of Team USA.  While there, the riders picked up their official team uniforms.  I know a lot of eventing fans aren’t the biggest fan of the ultra-preppy Ralph Lauren threads, and you can consider me in that group, but the riders obviously don’t have any input in the uniforms.  Frankly, if I had a chance to compete for the USA at the Olympic and my uniform was a paper bag, by God I’d wear that paper bag with pride and a smile.  I do think the team jackets in the above photo look awesome.  The photos are courtesy of Boyd, explaining why we don’t have pics from the ladies’ dressing room.

Go eventing.

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