Wednesday Morning Feed from World Equestrian Brands

Top of the morning to you, Horse Nation! And welcome to Wednesday, July 18. It’s going to be a good day, I can feel it.

Does anyone else here love shopping for horse stuff? I can’t see you guys, but I envision a sea of hands going up.

I love buying new stuff for my horse, Esprit. I’m sure he could care less, but like a grandmother who lives to spoil her grandchildren with gifts, it gives me great satisfaction to feel like I’m giving back to the animal that brings me so much joy.

My problem is, I’m super indecisive. I only want the best for Esprit, and I’ll spend weeks researching different products to make sure I’m making the best purchase decision.

Recently I arrived at the sad, sad conclusion that my horse’s current cross-country leg protection (a 13-year-old set of Porter Protectors and Saratoga Wraps for up front and a battered pair of Woof Boots for the hind) was no longer cutting it. So, the search began for a new set of cross-country boots–and immediately, faced with a multiplicity of choices, I entered into a fit of indecisive panic.

While helping to cool out a friend’s horse after cross-country at the Maryland Horse Trials a couple weekends ago, I started taking note of what other horses had on their legs as they came off course. Buck Davidson’s horse (his fourth or fifth cross-country ride of the day, I believe) was sporting a set of Tri-zones, by World Equestrian Brands.

I went home to research the boots and wasn’t surprised to find a quote from Buck himself on the World Equestrian Brands website.

The Tri-zone Allsports boots have become an essential part of my equipment. They are super protective, yet unbelievably light weight, and keep my horse’s legs from overheating. They are great in water, as it drains out quickly and doesn’t add any weight. I highly recommend them.”

The website also had this description of the boots: “The Tri-zone® brand is built on a core principle of zoned protection – providing unrivaled protection where it’s needed most. When concussion occurs, shock is transferred through 3 zones never letting impact reach the leg’s tendons and ligaments. Tri-zone® technology absorbs up to 50% more concussion and is 50% more resistant to penetration in independent clinical trials when compared to leading market brands.”

I think I might just be sold.

Go World Equestrian Brands, and Go Riding!




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