EN Today: Boyd Martin listed as 11th sexiest athlete

Fox Sports has released its list of the 99 sexiest London Olympic athletes, and you-know-who made the list. Take it away, John.

From John:

It’s that time in the Olympic cycle when the US mainstream media is desperately trying to make their upcoming London coverage seem relevant to a nation of NFL fans.  There’s no better way to accomplish this than arbitrary lists, particularly arbitrary lists related to sexiness.  Fox Sports released their list of the top 99 sexiest Olympic athletes this morning and Team USA’s Boyd Martin ranks 11th.  The only other equestrian to make the list is Zara Phillips in 99th.  And yes, that means that I clicked through the entire list–just for you, Eventing Nation.  Only four US athletes placed higher than Boyd.  Canadian Kayaker Adam van Koeverden finished atop the list.

[99 Sexiest Olympic Athletes, h/t tobias2]

Go Boyd.

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