Monday Morning Feed by SmartPak

Good morning Horse Nation! Hope you enjoyed an awesome weekend. Speaking of which, SmartPakers know how to do one up right.

One of my favorite regular features on the SmartPak Blog are the “Keeping up with the SmartPakers” posts, in which SmartPak employees share with readers what they did over the weekend.

From horse shows to surfing to cheering on their hot, semi-pro football boyfriends from the sidelines (not that I’m jealous or anything, Michelle M. of SmartPak Customer Care), you can catch up with their latest adventures right here.

Some Monday morning eye candy for ya, courtesy of SmartPak

Can we get a zoom, Photoshop Bunnies?

Ooh la la.

Of course, stalking SmartPak employees’ boyfriends’ bums isn’t the only incentive to tune in to the company’s blog. There’s also nutrition and veterinary advice, how-to videos, gear reviews and lots of other fun stuff. You’ve gotta check it out.

Go SmartPak, and Go Riding!

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