“Medals for the Rest of Us”

Not destined for Olympic glory this year? You can still win medals! Whether it’s conquering a gargantuan muck heap or backing a six-horse rig through a driveway barely Volkswagen-sized, horse lovers everywhere can display feats of greatness in this contest.

Equine Network has launched a cool new contest just for us, the regular every-day working horse lovers who follow the Olympics but are ultimately stuck at home mucking stalls and grooming filthy mud-covered ponies. There are three separate divisions in which you can enter:

World Class Mucking: (as illustrated by CMP above) Show a picture of your most impressive poop-scooping feat! Did you move a ton of manure by hand in the middle of summer? Did you get pooped on while picking a hind foot?

Heavyweight Stretching: What kind of bizarre and amazing contortions will your horse do for a carrot? Mine will practically stand on one hind leg and sing the national anthem… now if I could only get a picture…

Freestyle Trailer Parking: Nobody understands trailer driving like a horse person. Everybody has that friend who can parallel park their 6 horse head-to-head on a one-way street in a po-dunk town at a show. Let’s face it, we are all very impressed by that kind of professional trailer domination.

Submit a photo and a caption through August 1 at http://olympics.equisearch.com/ !

After August 15th, voting will open to the public to select the three top finishers in each category, and after that a panel of judges will decide who gets bronze, silver and gold! Prizes include one ton of Purina Mills® feed, a 3-year USRider® membership or a $500 gift certificate from ZIMECTERIN® Gold.


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