Megan vs. Stuart: Part 5

Megan Kaiser has a goal: To compete Beginner Novice at Stuart Horse Trials this weekend. For Megan, a working mom with a 21-y/o horse, it’s kind of a big deal. She’s letting HN tag along.

Today she takes us along on her course walk.

Take it away, Megan:

Let the countdown begin…

I picked up my packet and bucket full of goodies.

I walked the course twice and feel pretty good about it other than that pesky downhill right after the second to last fence.  He’ll either be really tired and easy to pull up or (more likely) we will do our typical building through the course and it be will like slowing down a runaway train.

I checked in with some friends that travel in from Maine for the show each year.

The blueberry muffins just came out of the oven (I don’t eat too much before riding, but I can handle a homemade muffin – before I put on the white breeches of course).

One more time over my lists of what I’ll need and I’m ready to go.

…but will I sleep tonight or will I think about that hill?

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