Friday Flicks: Celebs in the Saddle

Which celebs spend their weekends on a cutting horse, appaloosa, longe line or polo field? HN movie critic Amanda Ronan has the scoop.

From Amanda:

We’re all pretty familiar with the fact that horses and celebrities go hand in hand.  William Shatner, Robert Redford, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Patrick Swayze, Paul Newman, Bruce Springsteen, Viggo Mortensen, Robert Duvall…just to name a few.  During my search there were a few celebrities that surprised me.


Gisele Bundchen started riding when she was 8 years old in Brazil.  In this picture she is clearly taking a longe lesson, which astounds me as most of the celebrities seem content with just owning horses…or perhaps taking a trail ride on them from time to time.

And did you know that Christie Brinkley is a champion cutting horse rider?

Richard Gere is very active in the “Chief Joseph Foundation,” which focuses on the Nez Perce cultural preservation, emphasizing kid’s and horse programs.  He is especially fond of Appaloosas.

Kate Bosworth started riding at the age of 6, mostly in western events, and then moving on to train in show jumping after a move to the east coast.  Her big break into acting was a supporting role in The Horse Whisperer, a role that was given to her entirely due to her riding skills.  She told ESPN, “ I dream about riding horses almost every week.”

(Despite her avid love for horses, Ms. Bosworth obviously only rides in secret.  This somewhat creepy picture of horses running behind her was all that Google could provide.)

And how ‘bout them polo players?  The roster includes Walt Disney, Clark Gable, Spencer Tracy, Bing Crosby, pretty much anyone termed ‘royal’ in England, Sylvester Stallone,

and Tommy Lee Jones.

Jones stated about horseback riding, “It’s a terrific athletic endeavor and it’s a beautiful art, and that combination has always been important to me.”

Well said, Mr. Jones.

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