EN Today: U.S. outfits to be worn during the Olympic Opening Ceremony

It’s a nice enough look, we guess–kind of “flight attendant” meets “Navy Seal.” Visionaire has the scoop.

From Visionaire:

EN reader Alden Murray found this link from the Franchise Herald detailing the attire for US Olympians in London:

The official suits of the U.S. Olympic team, which will be worn at the opening games’ ceremony on July 27 in London, were displayed on NBC’s “Today” on Tuesday.

The suits, designed by Ralph Lauren, will of course be tailored in patriotic red, white, and blue, as part of Lauren’s Team USA collection, which is also available for purchase through the designer’s official website. Lauren was chosen as the official outfitter of the U.S. Olympic and Paraolympic Teams, said NBC, for both the opening and closing ceremonies in London. Lauren also made casual apparel for team members to wear around London and the Olympic village.

Photo: Ralph Lauren

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