Monday Morning Feed from SmartPak

Good morning, Horse Nation! Hope the weekend left you refreshed and ready to break fast from the starting gate of your week.

Photo: Baltimore Sun

(Horse Nation tip: Don’t be “that horse.”)

Having spent all weekend at hot, steamy, sweaty Maryland Horse Trials, I’m not sure about feeling refreshed. At least, however, I wasn’t riding, just grooming for a friend, so it could have been worse!

I don’t often have the opportunity to attend horse shows as a spectator, free and clear from riding and coaching responsibilities. When I do, however, I thoroughly enjoy myself, and I oftentimes notice things I wouldn’t otherwise.

Like the latest horse-show tack, equipment and clothing trends. Some trends make me go “eh.” Others, however, kind of rock my world.

Such as… the amazing, fire-engine red boots rocked by Cherie Chauvin of Golightly Sporthorses.

That's hot.

Photo from Cherie’s blog.

Also, I saw a handful of riders rocking stylish brown boots. At which point, I immediately pledged to start saving up for a pair of the DeNiro Ride & Fly Tall Boot, available exclusively through SmartPak.

Need, want, have-to-have.

SmartPak Says: The DeNiro Ride & Fly Tall Boot with a nano rubber sole is exceptionally lightweight and shock-absorbing, making it ideal for riders who spend all day in the saddle, or those with knee and back pain.  Unique flexible grip panel offers the closest contact and exceptional durability.  Moisture-wicking, thermoregulating lining keeps your feet cool and dry.

Are they expensive? Yeah. But at what price my happiness?

Go riding.

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