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Who is this pony and why is she covered in painted pink ribbons? EN’s Visionaire has the scoop.

In their preparation for Rebecca Farm, Anni Grandia and Team Chaos had a little inspiration to create a “Breast Cancer awareness pony” and this was the result. Team Chaos leaves on Monday from Gig Harbor, WA and wanted to share a bit about their trip, including the pony who plans to raise awareness and funds for the fundraiser.  Thanks to Anni Grandia for sending this to us, best of luck to Team Chaos, and go Marbles! –Visionaire

From Anni:

Team Chaos and Marbles ramp up for Rebecca Farm

As Team Chaos gears up for Rebecca Farm, Marbles decided that she couldn’t be left behind.  So in her cute little pony way, she talked the hair stylist into helping her earn a spot in the horse trailer, next to the event horses.  Keeping in mind that Rebecca Farm is hosting their inaugural Breast Cancer awareness fundraiser in memory of Rebecca Broussard in 2012, Marbles was decked out to represent the cause.

Join us in helping raise funds for the 2012 Halt Cancer at X fundraiser, hosted by Rebecca Farm.  Donation forms can be found at www.rebeccafarm.org. Checks can be made out to MEE and mailed to Rebecca Farm PO Box 8385 Kalispell, MT 59904.  If you wish to make your donation in Marbles name, feel free to add her to the subject line of your donation.  Keep an eye on Marbles facebook page and www.grandfarms.net for updates on our adventure!  We look forward to seeing you in Kalispell!

Anni Grandia, Team Chaos

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