The Secret Life of McKenna & Dorito: You know you’re a working student when…

Junior HN blogger McKenna Oxenden details her glamorous life as a working student at Brickland Eventing.

From McKenna:

You know you’re a working student at Brickland Eventing when…

-you know Manny’s sleeping groans versus Quincy’s
-you get nicknames that may or may not be flattering from Jeff
-you’re able to tell the Quincy piles from Butter piles in the field
-you get stuck on stick duty after a large, inconvenient storm
-you find yourself saying, “I wish the pool was finished…”
-shop vac’s are your favorite things
-you have more paint on you than you do on the jumps
-you get attacked by the dogs with their slobbery kisses

Me, with Theodore (black lab) and Dixie (large, LARGE Great Dane!)

You know you’re a working student when…

-you take naps whenever possible
-you go to bed anywhere from after work to no later than 10 p.m.
-you’re too lazy to do any laundry so you wait until you basically have no clean clothes left…
-you’re generally too lazy to make food so you just eat pasta all the time…
-it’s the best day ever when your parents come to town and bring you groceries
-you make big plans for your day off, but end up sleeping the whole day away
-you spend your life in breeches
-it takes effort for you to shower at the end of the day

There is so much more to add to this list but it’s 11:15 and my¬† brain has reached a blank. I’m off to Maryland Horse trials this weekend competing in the novice, looking for a nice confident run!!

May the odds ever be in my favor.

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