Oh $h!t: Your most humiliating moments, captured on film

Today’s “Oh $h!t” moment is brought to you by Sarah Rains of Aiken, SC, and her horse AJ.

Sarah writes, “I have a cool horse. Let met just start with that. However, AJ is very fond of leaving strides out before jumps. We have no problems cross-country, but in stadium he really likes to keep me on my toes (quite literally as seen in this picture). So, here, at a Training triple bar, he makes his own decision to take off a stride early. Even though my opinion was that he had plenty of room for another stride. God bless scopey horses.”

Whew-ee Sarah! Looks like AJ threw you in the backseat (“Shut it, kiddo, I got this!”), grabbed the steering wheel (“We’re doin’ things my way from now on!”), and put the pedal to the metal (“Wheeeee!!!!”). Those bold, athletic ones–they ‘re a lot of fun but sometimes they can be big know-it-alls, too. The trick is seducing them into joining you in the proverbial backseat, so to speak, all the while making them think it’s their idea. Like, “Hey, big boy, why don’t you come back here with me? Let’s wait on this fence together. It’ll be totally hot.”

I’ll leave you with this video for inspiration:

Good luck, Sarah, and thanks for the submission!!!

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