One K USA Helmet Contest: Vote now!

Who is the most patriotic equestrian in all of Horse Nation? Let’s settle this the democratic way and put it to a vote! The finalists are as follows:

Submitted by Laura Holen:  My name is Laura Holen, my horse is Caribbean Reggae, and those are my cross country colors all the time, but because of time constraints at that show I got to wear them for Stadium also.


Submitted by Jeanne Skirboll: “Ride was at the League of Maryland Horse Club with friends. We had a contest for best dressed, best dressed horse and decorated horse trailer followed by a great American Fourth of July dinner.”


Submitted by Danielle Moritz: “This is me and Man O’ War at this year’s AHP Seminar. While Man O’ War is not (or was not) my horse, I helped campaign for him and voted for him at the seminar. And he won!! Please note this photograph was taken by Tracy Gantz at the Student Award Party where myself and two others were honored as Student Travel Award Winers and I was selected as the 2012 AHP Student Award Winner.”


Submitted by Maggie Hitron and John Mason: “Riley [the horse] wanted to one-up that British pony with his own America tribute. He thinks his picture is best viewed with Jimi Hendrix’s rendition of the national anthem playing in the background. Because being bay wasn’t going to stop Riley, we used non-toxic “paint” made out of cornstarch, water, and food dye, which all washed off easily after the photo was taken.”


Submitted by Danielle Shimota: “My horse, Zorro., is a 7 yr old Norwegian Fjord, that is owned by a non-profit called the Northwest Therapeutic Riding Center located in Bellingham, WA. He gets used in therapeutic lessons for riders of all ages and varying disabilities. I also compete with him in 3 day eventing, and ride him on a drill team called the Rodeo Cowgirls, where we ride in parades and rodeos, needless to say he is an extremely versatile horse. A goal of the Rodeo cowgirls is to have him and I jump at some of the rodeos to show the versatility of the team and I would be humbled to be able to wear a helmet that captures the essence of the sport of American rodeo.”


Submitted by Lauren Engeman: “Angel Kisses and I are enjoying our freedom at a local horse show. The show’s profits benefit local law enforcement and armed forces.”


Submitted by Jamie Jennings: “Here is a photo of my event horse “Fighter Jet” with my husband. Chad is a fighter pilot for the United States Air Force. We are very patriotic here at Flyover Farm!”


Submitted by Dani Brandner: “Landon is a 2003 TB, born in Washington (bought at auction by Canadian bidder, then moved to Hastings Park where he ran two very unsuccessful races). Through thick and thin, we’ve been partners since March 17, 2007!”


Submitted by Mellisa Parnia: “ ‘Everything that is really great and inspiring is created by the individual who can labor in freedom.’ ~ Albert Einstein. The birth of America is something that has long been celebrated with patriotism and enthusiasm. This is our way of showing our patriotism. For a horse that dislikes being pampered and groomed she sure loves to play dress up and is very proud of it. She will wear this outfit throughout the lesson as we flat and jump. This picture shows our pride in the red, white, and blue but also the freedom in our nation as we fly through the air. I have also added a close up of Deneuve’s face to show off her patriotism (Indian as well as the women who have grown strong in our country because of freedom).”


So, who do YOU think best exemplifies the patriotic spirit of Horse Nation? Cast your ballots until high noon E.T. on the 4th of July! The top 5 contestants will receive a One K USA Helmet!

New to the United States, One K Helmets boast the perfect synergy between advanced technology and aesthetically pleasing design. With enough features to appeal to those seeking everything a helmet could possibly offer, wrapped in a package that traditionalists can appreciate, One K has the best of both worlds. The One K USA helmets immediately created a big buzz–when Ovation and Riders4Helmets had them on display at Rolex, tons of folks were asking where to get them. Therein, however, lies the catch: The USA helmet is not going to be for sale or available in tack shops. Rather, a limited number were created for special occasions–like this contest!!!

Learn more and check out One K’s fantastic product line at, and be sure to “like” One K’s Facebook page.

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