Oh $h!t: Life’s a ditch

We love honoring Horse Nation’s fallen soldiers. Today’s “Oh $h!t” moment is brought to you by event rider Haley Benzon and her horse, Dan. Take it away, Haley!

Haley writes, “Hey Horse Nation! Thought I would send you my series of pictures from a fall I took last year at my first training event. My horse, Dan, was a rockstar around the whole course until the dreaded ditch. Luckily I didn’t go into the ditch! The best was when I was obviously more worried about my whip that had fallen into the ditch than my loose horse–I think my brain got a bit scrambled. Also love the picture of Dan sticking his tongue out at me as he walks off, saying, “Ha ha ha you can’t make me go over a ditch!!!”

About 2 months after this we tackled the course again and ended up winning the Senior Training division!”

Way to rebound, Haley! Show that ditch who’s boss! For your perseverance and will, Horse Nation salutes you.

As is Horse Nation tradition, we’re honored to dedicate this song in your honor: “There’s a Hole in the Earth” by the Deftones.

All photo rights owned by Haley Benzon and used with permission.

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