Thursday Morning Feed from Fleeceworks

Good morning Horse Nation! It’s a good thing you guys are so cool, because the next few days are supposed to be scorchers.

Here’s a screenshot of the forecast on my phone:

High of 107? With southern humidity? Yikes.

Across the country, this late June heat wave is taking down records and producing extremely, even dangerously, high temperatures. According to The Weather Channel, 27 states and about 45 million people are affected.

Be safe out there, Horse Nation, especially if you’re doing something crazy like going to a horse show. Keep yours and your horses’ welfare in the forefront of your mind at all times. Remember: There’s nothing fun about passing out and falling off your horse, trust me.

Stay cool, and Go Riding!

If your horse loses focus around the hustle-bustle of a horse show setting, consider trying a pair of Fleeceworks’ Soft & Fuzzy Earplugs. By muffling sound, they keep distractions like screaming children, booming announcers, boisterous crowds and starting bells to a minimum. Made from Fleeceworks’ signature Australian Merino Wool, you can rest assured of your horse’s comfort. Check them out on the Fleeceworks website!

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