4th of July or the End of the World: Does your dog know the difference?

If your canine has a nervous meltdown when things go boom in the sky, consider these suggestions by resident SmartPak dog whisperer Meghan Law.

From the SmartPak Blog:

As horse and dog owners, we know that sometimes our animals’ fears can get the better of them, transforming our once-sweet four-legged friends into unrecognizable tornadoes of panic and confusion. Our Canine Health Marketing Manager (and resident dog health expert extraordinaire), Meghan, gives some tried-and-true tips for how to prepare your pup for a potentially stressful situation—without having to spoil your own fun.

As July quickly sneaks up on us, there are many things to be excited about. Cookouts, fun in the sun, trail rides, and of course, Independence Day! However, while the coolers get stocked and the grill fires up, many dog owners are bracing themselves for another year’s boisterous (totally terrifying, monstrously menacing, bone-chilling) fireworks display.

If your dog is anxious around loud noises, such as thunder or fireworks, don’t despair! We’ve got a few helpful hints and some great products that will put the spark back in your holiday.

Before the big day, take a moment to reflect on how last year’s festivities went. Did your dog hide out in the bathtub all night, or was he the life of the party? If this is a new dog, think about how he’s reacted during thunderstorms, passing sirens, or your neighbor’s cranked up bass. This should help get you in the right frame of mind for a successful 4th this year.

Keeping your dog’s stress level down is crucial to him having a good time. Some dogs with high anxiety can benefit from a daily supplement that offers ingredients like B vitamins, valerian, chamomile, and other soothing herbs. SmartCanine Calming is a customer favorite for keeping your dog relaxed without making him “dopey.” For an immediate, short-term calming effect, Rescue Remedy provides a blend of Bach Original Flower Essences in a liquid dropper. Check out our full selection of calming supplements here.

When the big day arrives, it’s a good idea to spend a little extra time tuckering out your pup. A nice long walk or run, a few extra games of fetch—these activities can go a long way in helping your dog stay relaxed as the pyrotechnics get underway. It’s also smart to have an area set aside for your dog, out of foot traffic, where you can close windows and blinds, lower the lights, and set up a comfortable and quiet den. Allowing your dog a delicious and time-consuming treat is a tried and true tip for keeping him occupied as the festivities carry on. We like the Bristle Bone with treat rings or a frozen Kong stuffed with peanut butter.

The 4th of July is one of the worst times of year in terms of lost pets. Shelters are flooded with dogs that fled when the fireworks began. Even the most predictable dog can bolt when surprised by an impromptu firecracker display. The easiest way to be reunited with your dog, aside from micro chipping, is to keep up-to-date, clear contact information on your dog’s collar. Check out the Jingle-less Dog Tag for stylish tags that won’t fall off and are guaranteed for the life of your pet!

Here’s wishing you and your dog a happy and safe Independence Day!

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