Oh $h!t: Your most humiliating moments, captured on film

Time for your favorite weekly column, the one where someone falls off and we all make fun of them. (Kidding! We laugh with them, never at them–that’d be bad lawn dart karma.)

Anyway, I’m on the road to Tryon with my buddies Kaitlyn Jansen, co-star of the Kaitlyn/Leslie Dysfunctional Show, and Lisa Slade, whom you might know from her awesome stories in the Chronicle. Also, there are also two dogs in the truck and a big open bag of peanut M&Ms, just to give you a visual.

So I’m like, “Guys! I don’t have any good pictures or videos of people falling off for this week’s ‘Oh $h!t’ column. Can you help me out?” Lisa happened to have a beautifully edited video of her and her mare Calla competing at Surefire last summer. It’s Calla’s very first event, and everything is going great until the very last fence, at which point… I guess you’ll just have to watch to find out.

Good neck-riding, Lisa! After we watched the video, I told Lisa about Horse Nation’s “Oh $h!t” tradition of ending the column with an inspirational music video. I asked her if she had any suggestions, you know, something along the theme of “Never give up!” or “Hang in there, kid!” She suggested that song “Call Me Maybe.” I pointed out that “Call Me Maybe” wasn’t really that inspirational of a song, but then Kaitlyn interjected that “Call Me” kind of sounds like “Calla,” so there’s that, I guess. And it IS a good song.

So, Lisa and Calla, this one goes out to you:

Go Riding, and try not to fall off if you can help it.

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