Dear SmartPak: What do western riders want most?

They want rid of the goshdurn flies, is what they want! (They want a few other things, too–find out what with this list of Top-10 Western Customer Favorites.)

From the SmartPak Blog:

Every month, we tally our customer reviews from western riders like you to find our customers’ favorite products. With 73,000+ reviews, we think it’s hard to beat the insight from our own customers. Check out this month’s Top-10 Western Products to find some great picks for you and your horse.

SmartCalm® Ultra Pellets As Low As: $25.95(537 reviews)

#1 SmartCalm® Ultra Pellets
What We Say: SmartCalm Ultra Pellets are an herb-free formula designed to support proper nervous system function, helping to minimize skittishness. SmartCalm Ultra Pellets offer a comprehensive approach to calming by providing 10,000 mg of Magnesium, 550 mg of Vitamin B1, 2,000 mg of Inositol (a B vitamin relative), and 125 mg of L-Tryptophan. This essential amino acid is converted into serotonin, a hormone that may increase feelings of wellbeing and contentment, helping to calm and soothe.

What Western Riders Say: “When you read things that claim to “calm a horse” your like yeah right. Well SmartCalm has worked wonders for my two horses. I was ready to throw in the towel on my mare and SmartCalm has made her a completely different horse. My gelding is also noticeably calm and I have SmartPak’s SmartCalm to thank for this and would recommend to anyone.” GreekBroad

#2 Heavy Duty Velcro Bell Boots
What We Say: Heavy duty premium rubber bell boots. Double velcro closures. Velcro tabs are sewn down for added strength.

What Western Riders Say: “So far these bells boots have held up to some pretty brutal trails!” magpjones

#3 Crusader Fly Mask – Quiet-Ride
What We Say: Allow your horse to relax with the Crusader Quiet Ride protecting his tender ears, eyes and face. Eliminate insect-driven head tossing, with a much quieter (and safer!) ride. With the same design and quality of the Cashel Crusader™ pasture fly mask, the Crusader Quiet-Ride™ fly mask can be worn over or under your bridle and will not impair your horse’s vision.

What Western Riders Say: “I don’t like my horses to be distracted by flies when I’m riding, so a mask is a necessity. This one fits great, and the horses really appreciate it.” jerrylee

Endure Sweat Resistant Fly Spray $18.95 – $267.80(106 reviews)

#4 Endure Sweat Resistant Fly Spray
What We Say: Endure Sweat Resistant Fly Spray stays on and keeps working, even in wet conditions. Endure Sweat Resistant Fly Spray contains special conditioner that binds to hair shaft – won’t sweat off. Protects against biting and nuisance flies, gnats, mosquitoes, deer ticks and lice. Endure Sweat Resistant Fly Spray even includes sunscreen!

What Western Riders Say: “I have been using this for several years. I have tried everything else, and by far this stuff stays on the longest through sweat, rain, and dirt. It does repel ticks and if you be sure to spray in the jaw area/throat area, around the fetlocks, tail base, you will do a good job of keeping ticks off…” eannd

Freedom Feeder Small Hole Hay Net $29.95 – $49.95(140 reviews)

#5 Freedom Feeder Small Hole Hay Net
What We Say: Restricted access to hay or forage isn’t natural for horses, and it can cause problems ranging from boredom and destructive behavior to ulcers and digestive upset. However, some horses can’t have free choice hay all day long, without gaining weight, wasting hay or making a huge mess! Finally, there’s a great, easy solution. The Freedom Feeder Small Hole Hay Nets allow your horses to feed naturally 24/7 through a simple restricted free access feeding.

What Western Riders Say: “Just the right size for my trailer. I also use it everyday for feeding my horse in the paddock. It helps keep him from getting bored until it gets dry enough to go out in the pasture. It seems to be built well.” Lindygirl

Troxel Legacy $49.95(20 reviews)

#6 Troxel Legacy
What We Say: The Legacy is a slim profile helmet offering an economical alternative to the Legacy Gold Duratec™. The hunt cap style, lightweight, narrow profile offers a classy look while providing the ASTM F1163-04a/SEI certification desired. The Legacy is offered in a Youth Small size, while the Medium and Large sizes are perfect for adults. The GPS II™ Dial Fit System makes for a quick and comfortable fit.

What Western Riders Say: “The helmet is beautiful and it fits my daughter perfectly. She is 5 yrs. old, and has started taking basic riding lessons.
The fit dial secures a perfect fit and it’s good to know that it will fit her for a while.”

SmartCanine™ JointAs Low As: $8.60

#7 SmartCanine™ Joint
What We Say: SmartCanine Joint is specifically formulated to support normal joint function in lightly to moderately active dogs. It provides the fundamentals of good joint and cartilage health— 400 mg of glucosamine, 100 mg of chondroitin sulfate and 65 mg of MSM—in tasty chewable tablets your dog will love! SmartCanine Joint also contains important co-factors Vitamin C and Manganese as well as the herbs Boswellia and Bromelain.

What Western Riders Say: “I started giving my 4 year old Newfoundland this supplement and I noticed a change 3 days later.
He is even more playful then when he was 6 months old!”

#8 Kensington Protective Sheet
What We Say: The Kensington Protective Sheet offers maximum protection from biting insects, cuts, and rubs; blocks up to 78% of UV. The 2000 x 2000 denier US made TEXTILENE Mesh is specially formulated to withstand fading, fire, mildew, soiling and wear and tear, even in the most severe weather conditions. Lined shoulders keep the sensitive horse’s shoulders free from rubs.

What Western Riders Say: “I couldn’t be happier with my new sheet. The quality seems excellent and it looks nice. It’s still new but the horse has worn it for a couple of weeks now without any problems.” Voclo

Cocosoya Ultra SP™ As Low As: $24.95(129 reviews)

#9 Cocosoya Ultra SP™
What We Say: A SmartPak exclusive! All the benefits of Uckele’s renowned Cocosoya Oil in a tasty powder that horses love. This unique blend includes stabilized Flax Seed and Rice Bran, along with probiotics and prebiotics for digestive health. The combination of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids with digestive ingredients supports healthy weight gain and a beautiful coat.

What Western Riders Say: “Love it and would buy it again and again. My horse looks better and eats like a horse. 🙂 He never has any grain left, it was a smart buy!” frogpads

Double Stitched Stable Halter $38.95(199 reviews)

#10 Double Stitched Stable Halter
What We Say: You really don’t need to overpay for top quality halters – you just have to know where to look. Our Double Stitched Stable Halter is handmade in Amish country. The leather is soft and supple from day one. The brass plated hardware and quality stitching make elegant finishing touches.

What Western Riders Say: “This is a great halter for the price. The stitching is tight, the hardware is sturdy, and the leather is a surprisingly good quality. I will be buying these for all the horses in our barn!” traceya

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