Thursday Morning Feed from Fleeceworks

Welcome to Thursday, Horse Nation! Time sure flies when you’re having fun.

Speaking of which, we’re having a rollicking good time here at bunny headquarters this week, thanks in large part to the Stephen Colbert dressage phenomenon.

They say all publicity is good publicity, and in this case, we have to agree. Dressage isn’t the most accessible equestrian sport–relative to eventing and show-jumping, the adrenaline quotient is fairly low–and that becomes particularly apparent every four years when the Olympics  rolls around. I don’t foresee any major alterations to the sport heading down the pike anytime soon, which is fine–part of dressage’s beauty is its adherence to tradition and classical training principals. But the sport has got to embrace attention when it comes its way, in whatever size, shape or form. If even one non-equestrian who watched the Colbert segment decided, after watching it, to Google “dressage,” that’s success. Hopefully the dressage community will continue capitalizing on this opportunity to showcase the unique sport they represent, even if it means poking fun at themselves a bit. Good for them for keeping their heads held high and their sense of humor intact!

Go Riding.

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