Olympic Trivia: How do you ship a horse to London?

Answer: You FedEx it. (Not in a FedEx box, silly photo editor bunnies. On a FedEx flight.)

A couple major news outlets carried this AP story following the journey of a few of our four-legged athletes overseas, replete with Seabiscuit vs. War Horse in-flight movie jokes.

Fox News

CBS Sports

Also definitely worth a read: Meg Kep’s (groom to eventer Sinead Halpin’s Manoir de Carneville) recent Eventing Nation documentary of her flight to Britain.

Segue to…

This video of a daredevil saddling up an airplane at Elmendorf AFB in the late 1930s and going for a “ride” on the outside of the fuselage. Note the absence of a parachute. Geez.

Go Riding (but on the back of an airplane).

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