Tuesday Morning Feed from Dubarry

Good morning Horse Nation! You’re looking bright-eyed an bushy-tailed as usual. Not!

You may or may not have noticed that I did some light housekeeping on the site over the weekend, including finally writing up some official Contributor’s Guidelines. Nothing pleases me more than finding a reader submission in my inbox–it’s like a postcard from some corner of the horse world that I’ve not yet been to but would love to visit. I love hearing about your tales and journeys; it’s a reminder of just how vast and varying the equestrian experience can be. So keep the stories coming, Horse Nation. YOU are the backbone of this site.

Go Riding.

Did you know that Dubarry has a line of bags and purses? They’re just right for horsewomen who aren’t girly-girl purse-carrying types but still need something in which to carry their wallet, cell phone, checkbook, spare hoofpick, pulling comb, and other bits of barn et cetera that tend to to end up in their bag. Check out the full collection here.

The Kenmare bag in walnut by Dubarry


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