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Good morning, Horse Nation! And welcome back to the grind.

I kick off every Monday morning with a big cup of coffee and a guest appearance on Horses in the Morning at around 10. Horses in the Morning, in case you’ve never had the pleasure of listening, is a Horse Radio Network webcast hosted by Jamie Jennings and Glenn the Geek every weekday from 9-10:30 a.m. ET. I heart Jamie and Glenn big-time–I spend most of my own slice of airtime giggling at whatever hilarious thing happens to be coming out of their mouth. The subject matter reaches across the board; oftentimes, it’s inspired by the latest equestrian headlines, and they’re always having on special guests. (And special-needs guests, like me.) Anyway, I highly recommend tuning in, and back-episodes are always available on the site if you’re not able to listen live.

Go Riding!

Check out this SmartPak Success Story, from the SmartPak Blog:
Meet Kirsten, Chris and Lucy

Name: Lucy
Gender: Mare
Breed: Tennessee Walking Horse
Age: 18
Discipline: Western and Trail Riding
Owners: Kirsten and Chris Rambo

SmartFlex® Rehab Pellets As Low As: $59.95(56 reviews)

“Last winter Lucy incurred a tendon injury after she slipped during turnout. She was put on stall rest and we decided to try her on SmartFlex Rehab, in addition to the program our veterinarian recommended. It was amazing! Within three weeks we definitely noticed a difference – we didn’t need to wrap her anymore and the swelling in her legs was noticeably better. After one month on SmartFlex Rehab we were able to start hand-walking Lucy. Three weeks after that, we were able to start lunging her at the walk and trot! These days Lucy is being ridden by my daughter again, and she runs and plays with the other horses with no problems at all. I highly recommend SmartFlex Rehab. Thank you so much for helping bring a little girl’s first horse back to good health.”


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