Dear SmartPak: What do hunter/jumpers want most?

Calm horses, slim thighs, super-cute belts and more (but isn’t that what everyone wants, really?), according to this list of the Top 10 Hunter/Jumper Customer Favorites.

From the SmartPak Blog:

Every month, we tally our customer reviews from hunters and jumpers like you to find our customers’ favorite products. With 73,000+ reviews, we think it’s hard to beat the insight from our own customers. Check out this month’s Top-10 Hunter/Jumper Products to find some great picks for you and your horse.

#1 Sunshield Long Sleeve Shirt by SmartPak
What We Say: Look smart in this form-fitting, long sleeve shirt, and feel even smarter knowing that it is protecting your skin from 98% of harmful UV rays. With a UPF rating of 50+, this shirt’s lightweight, Australian Versatex material offers the best sun protection available, so you can leave your sunscreen at home and not have to worry about reapplying during those long summer days at the barn. The shirt’s athletic look and feel along with a generous 3/4 zip neckline make it a great asset to your riding wardrobe, whether at the barn or in the show ring. Add a sweatshirt or jacket and you can
wear it to the barn in the winter, too!

What Hunter/Jumpers Say: “A little extra protection from the sun is a good thing especially when getting that extra protection doesn’t mean looking terrible. I’ve seen other UV protection shirts on the market at much higher prices than this one. I bought this shirt and have been so happy with it. The material is very light weight so it doesn’t make me hot which was a big concern that I had…it seems counter-intuitive to wear long sleeves in the sun! The fit is very flattering with seams in all the right places to nicely accentuate curves. The material is of the right weight too so that it doesn’t cling like other technical fabrics I have worn. I’ve even worn this shirt as a base layer under sweaters, etc. when riding in cold weather. It worked great for that purpose as well. All around, I am very pleased with this purchase.” HolsteinerMare

Folding Hoof Pick Belt $34.95(28 reviews)

#2 Folding Hoof Pick Belt
What We Say: The Folding Hoof Pick Belt is made from the finest quality English bridle leather available. Hoofpick actually snaps off and is fully functional! All hardware is solid brass. Made in America.

What Hunter/Jumpers Say: “I got this belt recently from my parents and I love it!! its really cute and I love that the clasp is a hoofpick…The leather was already broken in and beautiful in the brown. I even wore it out one night and got tons of compliments outside the barn. It’s an overall versatile and great belt.” DJL3

SmartGain 4®As Low As: $26.95(228 reviews)

#3 SmartGain 4®
What We Say: SmartGain 4 is the weight gain solution you have been looking for, with four complementary methods of support! This tasty formula provides amino acids to support lean muscle development, extra calories from healthy fats, prebiotics, probiotics and enzymes for digestive health, and the tasty herb Fenugreek to support a healthy appetite in picky eaters. Four weight gain strategies. One tasty supplement.

What Hunter/Jumpers Say: “Bonnie is the third OTTB that I personally have used this product on, although I recommend it to many of my clients. I love that this product can help skinny racehorses gain or maintain their weight without adding more grain and without making them “hot.” Re-training a OTTB to learn that they don’t have to just run all the time is hard enough, let alone when they are hopped up on grain! I also love that this product has prebiotics and probiotics, which helps horses with healing ulcers and to prevent ulcer formation, which many off the track horses have. I can also say that Bonnie is one of the pickiest eaters I have ever met (she won’t even eat carrots, apples, or any manufactured “treat”) so I was a bit concerned that she wouldn’t eat this since it’s not pelleted. However, she just cleans it up every day. In just a month, she has gained about 50 lbs, and is continuing to gain.” DVMequestrian

Ariat® Air Grip Gloves $29.95(45 reviews)

#4 Ariat® Air Grip Gloves
What We Say: Ariat Air Grip Gloves are so incredibly cool and comfortable you’ll forget you’re wearing any gloves at all! Stretch mesh panel for breathability. Ariat Air Grip Gloves are made with a synthetic suede palm for sensitivity and grip. Reinforced stress points and non-snag Velcro closure.

What Hunter/Jumpers Say: “I was hesitant to buy yet another pair of gloves but decided to give them a try based on a recommendation from a friend. I LOVE them! They are cool and comfortable, have an amazing feel, and they fit my long more slender fingers perfectly!”

#5 LiveSmart™ Salmon Meal and Brown Rice Adult Dog Formula
What We Say: Salmon meal is a nutritious alternative source of protein that contains high levels of important fatty acids, making it a natural choice for helping maintain skin and coat health. We combined North American ocean farmed salmon meal with quality grains and vegetables to create a formula designed to help your adult dog thrive. Made in the USA.

What Hunter/Jumpers Say: “I recently was able to try a taste test of the Salmon formula and much to my surprise, my dog Eve was happier than ever to chow down and not leave a morsel behind! Being a Golden Retriever you would generally assume she would be more than happy to chow down at meal time, however this is not the case. Eve is a bit of a “picky” eater and only wants to eat what everyone else is eating. Now having tried the Salmon Formula, Eve is eager to eat her own hearty new meal! Not only am I extremely satisfied with the palatability of this product, but also with the overall benefits she will receive from it. Thank you SmartPak for knowledgeable staff and your ongoing dedication to providing owners like myself with so many options and tools to offer the best for my animals” PawPrintsDG

#6 SmartPak Air+ Neoprene Girth
What We Say: The SmartPak Air+ Neoprene Girth is easy care, anti-slip, breathable AND comfortable for your horse! The perforated removable neoprene lining allows for excellent air circulation through the girth which keeps your horse considerable cooler than a traditional neoprene lining. Double end elastic.

What Hunter/Jumpers Say: “This is a nice quality girth at a good price. It’s well made with neoprene, elastic ends and roller buckles. It’s wide, which gives a nice fit and makes it a good no-slip girth. Seems to run true to size. Haven’t used it long enough to see if it stretches.
Nice enough for shows.”

Fleece Lined Saddle Cover $39.95(47 reviews)

#7 Fleece Lined Saddle Cover
What We Say: Super soft fleece lining protects your saddle and prevents the accumulation of dust (we’re not saying you don’t ride enough, just that dust has a way of accumulating VERY 🙂 easily!)

What Hunter/Jumpers Say: “I love this saddle cover! It’s extremely thick so I know my saddles are protected and the fleece is extremely soft. The monogram adds a lovely touch as well. I would definitely recommend this to anyone!” hunterjumper314

#8 SmartSlim Ultra Capri
What We Say: The SmartSlim Ultra Capri is the next generation in SmartSlims. It provides a high spandex level, offering performance-enhancing compression and four-way stretch for a perfect fit with total freedom of movement. Lightweight yet durable perforated mesh-style fabric is quick-drying and highly breathable. Antimicrobial (gusset liner) flat-seam construction for all day comfort.

What Hunter/Jumpers Say: “I do not have experience with the original product that other reviewers mentioned, but I ordered these and found them to perform exactly as described. They were comfortable to the point that I am wearing them under other (non-riding) clothes, and they hide every bump and wrinkle. I have not had them long enough to tell durability, nor to test them in sizzling-hot weather., but my initial impression (after two machine washings) is that they retain their shape, hold up well, and were comfortable in 80-degree heat while riding. I like this product.” ASClaire

#9 Harwich Padded Fancy Stitch Bridle by SmartPak

What We Say: Harwich Bridles are crafted in durable imported leather that’s vegetable tanned. With an innovative padded crown design that allows the caveson strap to pass over the crown to alleviate pressure on the sensitive poll area. Superb craftsmanship is reflected in the fine details and stainless steel hardware. An excellent value. Available exclusively at SmartPak.

What Hunter/Jumpers Say: “I bought this bridle for my super thin skinned mare who was getting rubbed raw by every other bridle I had tried her in. I was completely at my wits end and desperate to find something she could comfortably go in. After reading the stellar reviews on this bridle I decided to give it a chance, and couldn’t be happier! The quality of the leather is exceptional and broke in immediately. The bridle itself is unbelievably beautiful and looks uber expensive. Looks fantastic in the Hunter ring, but also holds up great for every day schooling! Best of all, it’s not rubbing my mare AT ALL and she seems so much happier under saddle. You just cannot go wrong with this one! Please SmartPak, don’t ever discontinue this bridle, I don’t know what we would do!!” JayBee826

SmartCalm® PelletsAs Low As: $19.95(209 reviews)

#10 SmartCalm® Pellets
What We Say: Is your horse spooky, nervous or unfocused? SmartCalm Pellets are an herb-free formula designed to support proper nervous system function, helping to minimize skittishness. SmartCalm Pellets offer a multifaceted approach to calming by providing 5,000 mg of Magnesium, 550 mg of Vitamin B1 and 2,000 mg of Inositol (a B vitamin relative). Your horse will love these tasty pellets!

What Hunter/Jumpers Say: “I have a new and young OTTB and I got this when I bought him and moved him to our barn, just in case he needed something to take the edge off. So far, I think it does work, that or he is the calmest TB I have owned! He is now acclimated to his new barn and grounds and nothing much seems to phase him. I plan to keep him on it just in case. The vitamins and minerals are good for more than calming anyway, especially the magnesium.” thoroughbredlove

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