Introducing: Horse Haiku

Bad news: We finally ran out of Deep Thoughts. (Surprise, surprise.) Good news: We’re replacing Deep Thoughts with Horse Haiku, a new series of reader-submitted equine-themed haiku poems.

Haikus are poems traditionally written in a 5-7-5 syllable pattern. Here are some examples we found on

On Being Herdbound (by Coyote)

Away from my herd
Alone, I cannot break free
Cribbing brings solace

This Morning At The Farm (by Keely)

Quiet Relaxing
Fresh air blowing in my tail
Poop in my water

Untitled (by Allie)

Boo-Boo On my Leg
Don’t think Mommy can fix it
Vet just bought new Porshe

Untitled (by Allie)

The creek looks so deep
I’m supposed to walk right in
What am I? Stupid?

Rub Rag (by Allie)

Mom is all dressed up
Where are we going today?
I spray Horse Boogers

Faster (by Allie)

We Run in Circles
Faster, Faster, it’s so fun!
Who is “Whoa Dammit”?

Have a horsey haiku to share? Send it to [email protected].
Image: Japanese symbol for “Horse.”

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