The Secret Life of McKenna & Dorito: The ‘working’ in working student

One week into her working student position with four-star event rider Emily Beshear, McKenna sounds tired. Very tired. And very, very, very happy.

From McKenna:

Reporting to you live, from Somerset, Virginia! I’ve been working at Brickland since Monday and it is great! One thing is for sure: You stay very, very busy!!

A typical day usually includes mucking a few stalls, grooming/tacking/untacking horses, lots of tack cleaning, and other odd jobs. Basically there’s always something to do.

Dorito and I have had to two lessons from Emily, both of which have been jumping and they have been awesome!! My lessons haven’t even been to their fullest extent, for lack of other words, because she doesn’t want to completely change me before Seneca this coming weekend, so I can’t wait to see Emily “unleashed”!

I had a fantastic XC school yesterday, which was very confidence boosting.

Emily has had me focusing a lot on the in between of my fences, making sure I keep it connected and Dorito in front of my leg, which has proved to help A LOT!

What can I say? The life of a working student is very tiring. So unfortunately this post is a bit on the short side of juicy information 😉

Maybe next week my plan of attack will be to write a little bit each day so that at the end of my very long work day on the day of my post, I’ll actually have a decent one!!

I’m really looking forward to Seneca this weekend, I feel very good and confident, I feel a lot more “training level ready” than before. Bring it on!!!

Fingers crossed for a good recap report (in more ways than one!) next week!!

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