Wednesday News & Notes from World Equestrian Brands

Wassup Horse Nation! It’s Wednesday, otherwise known as the ditch in the coffin that is your workweek.

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The important thing to do is keep your eyes up, your heels down, and keep kicking. Friday is just a couple of strides away.

To help get you through, we’ve got some fun stuff coming your way today, including but not limited to a new “Fit to Ride” from Biz Stamm (topic: healthy horse show snacks!!), your weekly does of Morgane Schmidt’s “The Idea of Order” comic, and Erin McCabe’s “Wednesday Book Review.”

Go Riding!

Today’s Featured Product from World Equestrian Brands

The Equilibrium Massage Pad

Here’s what top riders have to say about the pad:

I started using the Equilibrium Massage Pad after learning about it at the 2009 USEA Convention. My barn is always really busy, and we are on the road competing a lot. This massage pad fits into our program perfectly- the results are clear – and the benefit to the horses is twofold- it is great for aiding in a supple and relaxed back, which enhances performance, and additionally you can tell they are enjoying it mentally from their expression. All around, it’s a good addition to our program.” – Buck Davidson

The Equilibrium Therapy Massage Pad has become an excellent part of my program for taking care of my horses. After wearing the pad my horses feel warmed up and loose, ready to perform their best. This is a great product that I am thrilled to use on my horses.” – Pierre St Jacques

The Equilibrium Massage Pad has become an integral part of the management of the horses in my barn.  The horses are in all levels of training from novice and preliminary, to my more experienced intermediate and advanced horses, and they all benefit from the use of this pad. We use it in a variety of ways, sometimes before riding to help relax and warm the back up, or after training to aid in cool down.  For us, the massage pad is part of maintaining healthy horses, not only as something to use if there is an issue. We travel a lot, and the massage pad is easy to pack, easy to use, and highly effective.  The benefits are clear, and the horses love it.”Kim Severson

Learn more about the Equilibrium Massage Pad and other Equilibrium products at World Equestrian Brands.


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