Free Webinar from SmartPak: ‘Senior Strategies: Providing Care & Nutrition for the Aging Horse’

Own an older horse? Have questions about its health and care? SmartPak has answers.

From SmartPak:

Join SmartPak LIVE tomorrow (Thursday, June 14) for our FREE Webinar, Senior Strategies: Providing Care and Nutrition for the Aging Horse, hosted by Dr. Lydia Gray, SmartPak’s Medical Director/Staff Veterinarian and Jessica Normand, Director of Supplement Marketing. This webinar will help with answers to common questions about body changes and common conditions in senior horses, and what owners can do to compensate. Have questions about providing care and nutrition for your aging horse? Leave your question with a note that says “for the webinar.” We’ll answer as many as we can during the presentations! Register today for our 12 PM EST session at or 7 PM EST session at



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