Question: Can we disguise Steffen Peters so he can ride two horses in the Olympics?

In case you think we’re kidding, we’re not.

One week into the Olympic selection trials at the U.S. Equestrian Festival of Champions in Gladstone, NJ, Peters is killing the competition… on his #2 horse, Legolas. (His #1 horse, Ravel, got a pass on competing because everyone already knows how awesome he is.)

Check out Sara Lieser’s recap of Legolas’ first two wins at the selection trials for the Chronicle. It is titled, “Peters Looks Unbeatable Halfway Into Olympic Selection Trials.” In the article she notes that since Peters “can’t ride two horses in the Olympic Games… Legolas will likely travel with the team as a back-up.”

We have a better idea. It involves a mustache, John Lennon shades and a mullet wig.

They won’t suspect a thing.

Go Steffen, go mustaches, and go USA.


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